Cool and Creative Plastic Bottle Cap Lamp 1

To make this lamp you’ll require numerous plastic bottle caps, a scorching glue gun, a socket, a light-weight bulb and a bit of pop can. First take a body or sq. tray and begin arranging and gluing bottle caps in sq. varieties. You will want a complete of six sides and in a single aspect depart an area of 1 bottle cap to pop within the socket. Then put the aspect with socket (fastened in a pop can piece body) as the bottom and connect the 4 sides to it. Repair the sunshine bulb and place the highest aspect to finish the dice. For these readers who don’t need to use a socket can go for battery operated lights. When the lamp can be lighted not solely it can look lovely however for those who observe it should create diamond formed patterns too via the sunshine popping out from the gaps between the glued caps. Take pleasure in crafting!

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