Crafting a Paper Rose is Super Easy Now 1

To make a paper rose from this easy method first you have to take a square piece of paper. Fold it in half to become a rectangle. Fold it once again to become a square. Then fold it diagonally. Make a cut to become a hole in the paper and cut the outer edge in a curve manner to become the petals. Unfold the paper and you will get a 8 petal flower as shown in step 2. Make five such flowers. Leave one flower as it is, cut a petal from the second and glue two petals together to form a 6 petal flower. Cut two petals from the third and glue two petals together to become a 5 petal flower. Keep on repeating this step until you get the last 3 petal flower. Curl all the petals of these flowers with a pencil. Now make the centre of the rose by making a cone of a piece of paper. Then glue the smallest curled flower continuing to the biggest. Make leaves by folding green paper and your paper rose is ready.

Crafting a Paper Rose is Super Easy Now 2

You can try it in any color and paper type that you like. Happy crafting!

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