Paint Rocks to Craft These Awesome Flying Ladybugs 1

To craft every of those painted rock ladybugs first you must draw the bug’s particulars on a spherical or oval rock with pencil utilizing the template in step 2. Paint the wings in white shade. Paint the middle with brown. Make bar like patterns with a brighter shade of brown on the brown half after which element these stripes with yellowish brown paint as proven from step 5 to 7. Cowl the white wings with a coat of orange shade. Make spots on the wings with black paint. Paint the remaining elements of the rock with black paint. Then make the bug’s face and antennas with white paint. Paint an overview of the internal wings with white paint and fill the areas enclosed with diluted white paint. Element the translucent wings with white paint. Spray with sealer and your ladybug is prepared.

Paint Rocks to Craft These Awesome Flying Ladybugs 2

Attempt making extra in as many colours as you want in your backyard. Completely satisfied crafting!

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