Would You Try Making These Marble Candle Holders? 1

To make this lovely candle holder you will want marbles, glue and a DVD. Begin by gluing the marbles alongside the rim of the DVD one after the other and carry on doing this till you get three to four rows of marbles. To offer help to the glued marbles you can even place a water bottle within the centre. When the marble candle holder is dry put a candle inside and see the illuminated impact it should create.

Would You Try Making These Marble Candle Holders? 2

You can too attempt making this holder utilizing colourful marbles as proven within the photograph. Right here as an alternative of utilizing the sunshine impact of marbles a tall glass candle is positioned contained in the multi coloured lovely marbles. Whether or not you employ the primary method or the second each are going to end up nice. Take pleasure in crafting!

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